Kings Norton Nursery

Kings Norton Nursery

About the nursery

This nursery was a former community centre. Access to the nursery is by ringing the bell and a friendly staff member will greet you. We have a robust safeguarding procedure to ensure unknown people do not enter the nursery.

The building is a single storey building comprising of two large rooms. One room homes mobile babies and younger toddlers which introduces the seven areas of learning. There is a dedicated milk kitchen, nappy changing area and a cosy sleep room.

The second room is a large and bright covering all seven areas of learning. This is where the older toddlers & preschoolers are based. There is a adequately equipped toilets to support potty training and free flow access into the garden.

We have a fully function kitchen with our in house cook, preparing hot healthy meals everyday for Lunch & Tea. Snack is provided every mid-morning & mid-afternoon for all children.

Recent Reviews

Sallyanne Taylor

Nursery Manager

Amy Evans

Deputy Nursery Manager & Baby/Toddler Room Leader

Chloe Porter

Preschool Room Leader & Third in Charge

Katie Sullivan

Nursery Nurse

Karen Parkin

Nursery Nurse

Debra Hardy

Nursery Nurse

Abbie Wright

Nursery Nurse

Jamie Taylor

Assistant Nursery Nurse

Donna Tonks

Assistant Nursery Nurse

Paula Brindles

Nursery Cook

Kings Norton

Little Turtle Day Nursery
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Kings Norton
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Phone: 0121 244 5504