30 Hours and Tax-Free Childcare

30 Hours and Tax-Free Childcare

What is 30hours and Tax -Free Childcare?

Journey to set up your 30hours/Tax Free childcare

Reconfirmation of eligibility for 30 hours

It is essential to reconfirm you eligibility, every 3 months. If you enter your grace period and do not reconfirm, you will only receive the 15hours free, and you will owe the nursery a backpayment.

Deadline to reconfirm at the latest:

• Autumn Term: Must reconfirm by 31stAugust

• Spring Term: Must reconfirm by 31stJanuary

• Summer Term: Must reconfirm by 31stMarch.

(the onous is on you to reconfirm your eligibility, the nursery is not responsible for reminding you to do this)